From the beginning of time, he was created to watch. He watched creation form, became Father Sky, observed the birth of the human race, walked among them and he was there when the game of Chance was played out between the forces of good and evil.
- The Watchman

Gavin signing books 2012

Gavin Hill is a motivational speaker and well established author

of series of adult novels, poetry, children’s books & theatre productions!


He tours Europe and North America speaking about anti-bullying issues and his interesting journey of life.

His heroes are not world leaders, pop stars, rock stars or movie stars, instead the brave-average people who fight around the world just for the right to live. His empathy goes to every man, woman and child who struggles to eat, drink and to live in a world of peace and dignity.

There is NO room for bullying in this world! … Gavin Hill

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